In this episode, host ⁠Tim LeMasters and guest ⁠Reid Pittard⁠ discuss identifying ⁠credit and incentive⁠ opportunities for clients

Tourism can significantly contribute to the local economy and promote ongoing development within the community. Kentucky is a prime example, as it’s actively developing its tourism industry, with popular attractions like the Bourbon Trail and the Kentucky Derby.

SelectUSA promotes the United States to the world, inviting companies from all countries to come to the U.S. and interact with key stakeholders, including federal, state, and local governments and economic development organizations.

If your client wants to establish themselves or expand operations in Arizona, the Arizona Qualified Facility Tax Credit Program should be on their radar. The program was established to support the growth of headquarters, manufacturing, and manufacturing-related research and development companies.

If you hadn’t heard of New Carlisle, Indiana, a year ago, you’d be forgiven. If you haven’t heard of New Carlisle, Indiana, as of today, you’re still forgiven, but let me tell you why you’re probably in the minority.

Economic credits and incentives are often overlooked when business advisors plan for future growth.  Many other implications to the financial statements are considered before incentives, such as the cost of goods, overhead, and other operating costs.

Our Location Advisory team worked with an aviation maintenance company to procure incentives for their $5.9 million expansion.

This construction management and general contracting company had plans to revitalize. McGuire Sponsel helped negotiate incentives despite facing delays.

Our Location Advisory team worked with an healthcare services provider to procure incentives in Iowa for an expansion.

Our Location Advisory team worked with an automotive repair equipment provider to procure incentives in Missouri for an expansion.

Identifying Growth Opportunities in Manufacturing & Other Industries

This week on Let’s Talk Tax, host Tim LeMasters and guest Reid Pittard, Relationship Manager in McGuire Sponsel’s Location Advisory Services, discuss identifying credit and incentive opportunities for clients. Reid shares insights on compliance complexities, timelines, and key triggers for leveraging economic development incentives across various industries. Learn about real case studies and the critical steps CPAs and real estate professionals should consider when helping clients tap into these financial opportunities.

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