This chemical manufacturer had plans to expand. McGuire Sponsel helped negotiate a workforce training grant despite a fast-paced timeline.

This electrical contractor had plans to expand. McGuire Sponsel helped negotiate a tax abatement that will save the company tax payments over the next 10 years.

In Area Development, Ben Worrell, MBA, discusses how to navigate critical communication to identify potential solutions when a company cannot meet the original parameters set by its project.

MFLEX, or Mississippi Flexible Tax Incentive, is a streamlined tax incentive program designed to simplify the application process for all statutory incentives into a single procedure. However, it requires an annual report of investment numbers to maintain eligibility.

Our Location Advisory team worked with a third-party logistics company to procure incentives for their $14.7 million expansion.

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Our Location Advisory team worked with one of the largest plastic recycling companies in North America to procure incentives in Indiana for a recycling initiative.

Compliance reporting is the avenue to unlocking the awardee’s promised benefit.

Our Location Advisory team worked with a leading office furniture manufacturer to procure incentives in Indiana for a phase 2 expansion.

Peterman Brothers Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing Inc. had plans to expand and projected to add over 450 new jobs. McGuire Sponsel helped negotiate an EDGE tax credit that will save the company tax payments on qualifying investments over the next several years.

Client Snapshot

  • Chemical Manufacturer


  • Aquisition

    88 Retained Jobs
    4 New Jobs

  • Project Type


  • Project Objective

    Incentive Procurement


Electrical Contractor

Client Profile

With headquarters in North Carolina, this chemical manufacturer focuses on producing plant protection solutions and is recognized worldwide for formulation and manufacturing expertise. The company approached McGuire Sponsel with plans to acquire a Mississippi-based company, including two operating facilities with a combined square footage of over 320,000 square feet between production and warehousing. The company tasked us with procuring incentives on their behalf for the $3,600,000 expansion project. The acquisition included the retention of 88 jobs and the creation of four new jobs.


Our Location Advisory team introduced this fast-paced project to state and local officials in Mississippi, filled out applications for the state program (MFLEX), and identified training needs with the company for local training support. Despite the company’s growth, it wasn’t clear if state and local governments would support this project since the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new acquisition was scheduled before we received approval of the offer.

However, our team reinforced the importance of training needs in the retained employees and the possibility of moving purchased equipment back to the North Carolina headquarters, and we were able to procure a workforce training grant totaling $59,750+ in credit value. The process of negotiating and procuring the incentives took about three months.

  • $59,750+

    Workforce Training Grant