When acquiring, renovating or building real estate, most taxpayers tend to overstate the amount of 39-year real property. This limits the depreciation deductions available to taxpayers in the early stages of their investment. A cost segregation solves this problem by reclassifying assets by maximizing the property eligible for treatment as 5-, 7- or 15-year property. This depreciation optimization frees up substantial cash flow.

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Experience & Philosophy

Our philosophy to fixed asset services including cost segregation begins with focus on the CPA-client relationship, ensuring expectations are aligned at project start to maximize the benefit to the client. Upholding our commitments to our CPAs and applying our technical expertise are at the core of each project. This is often the reason CPAs continue to utilize McGuire Sponsel to build incremental revenue through trusted specialty tax consulting.

How McGuire Sponsel Can Help

McGuire Sponsel’s unique approach to cost segregation employs civil, structural and architectural engineering knowledge coupled with tax law experience to identify components that qualify for accelerated depreciation. Our team’s blend of engineering and tax code expertise provides tremendous value throughout a project. The professionals at McGuire Sponsel perform a site inspection for every study and all costs, along with their classifications, are then documented to withstand IRS scrutiny.

Client Success Story

  • $423M


  • $35M


What Makes a Great Prospect

Studies can be performed for current year transactions or on a retroactive basis. While every client is unique, we typically see a consistent benefit when the following criteria are met:

  • Acquisition or New Build in excess of $750,000
  • Interior renovation in excess of $200,000
  • Companies with large fixed asset schedules
  • Companies that renovate or make repairs frequently

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If a property has been acquired, newly built, or renovated, please connect with our practice leaders.



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Case Study

Commercial Office Portfolio

McGuire Sponsel's cost seg team performed a cost segregation study on a $195 million portfolio of office buildings located in Arizona, Florida, Tennessee, Texas, and Washington D.C. Our specialists physically inspected the properties, tenant listings, and general ledgers to optimize depreciation and partially disposed assets. The result was a $9.4 million increase to the first year cash flow.


Depreciation Strategies for 2021

With tax rates in flex due to President Biden’s tax policies it is more important than ever for business owners and CPAs to understand different depreciation strategies. In this webinar we discuss high end depreciation strategies to consider for 2021 and beyond.

White Papers

Leasehold Improvements & Depreciation

For the last few years the IRS has allowed for certain leasehold improvements to receive special treatment for depreciation. While rooftop or outdoor HVAC units are not eligible for this treatment, the IRS confirmed HVAC units located inside a building and feeding tenant areas are eligible for 15-year treatment and bonus depreciation. This confirms the position McGuire Sponsel has taken for our clients.


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