Global Business Services & International Advisory Overview

Our global business services practice assists existing or desired international practices. Our partnership with clients enables businesses to expand globally or improve existing operations by providing creative legal and tax solutions to address commercial, trade, investment and regulatory matters.

There are many different ways to approach global expansion, and McGuire Sponsel has the expertise and holistic client service to add value and create efficiency in the process from beginning to end. We value our partnerships with clients, complimentary service providers, and CPA firms, in serving companies in all stages from emerging growth companies to the Fortune 100.


Whether you are expanding your business globally or improving your current operations, our team has the expertise and knowledge to make your goals a reality.


Our Approach

Our approach and partnership with clients and CPA firms is a long-term partnership. McGuire Sponsel has great respect for client relationships, so we work closely with our partners to identify the best supporting services and solutions for their clients and accomplish them together.

When it comes to your client’s growth plans, we work to not only understand your clients’ global business goals but also to identify each facet of their business. Through our experience, the only way to provide outstanding service is to possess an operational and functional understanding of your business.

Our team assists clients with global commercial transactions and ensures you make a good deal. International business is fraught with opportunity but not without risk of the unknown. Operating and doing business overseas prompts new geography, culture, laws, regulations, and tax regimes. All of these are familiar to our team. Our role is to navigate through the risk of unfamiliarity while providing a successful start in your new markets.



Global Expansion

More than ever, businesses are expanding into global markets. Global opportunities create a number of challenges both in the new market and in the United States. Our experts provide guidance to those who are looking to overcome these challenges and reap the benefits of global expansion.

Turn-Key Plan: Whether you or your clients know the jurisdictions into which you want to expand or still need guidance, our team can provide a turn-key plan that identifies the most viable jurisdictions and related considerations. This will allow you and your team to fully evaluate:

  • Benefits and risks of expansion on a variety of levels
    • Locations (country, state, province and metropolitan area)
    • Labor and Employment Tax
    • Intellectual Property and Information Technology
  • International entity formation
  • Structuring alternatives
  • Foreign investment identification
  • Retaining high-quality professional services
    • Accounting Firm and Law Firm

Cross-Border Transactions

Our expert professionals can assist your organization in the efficient structuring and negotiation of cross-border transactions. Whether your company is looking to acquire a competitor, dispose of assets or a division of your business or procure product in the global marketplace, our team can assist with the optimal planning for any such transaction.

Transaction Services:

International Tax Planning

The constantly shifting landscape of tax laws and regulations around the world presents a daunting task for companies who are looking to do business on a global level. Our team at McGuire Sponsel will work with you and your clients to limit tax liability within the laws of the jurisdiction in which you currently operate or wish to conduct business.

Tax Services:

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If you or your client are moving goods, people, services, and information across borders we are here to guide you.


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