Credits & Incentives Consulting

McGuire Sponsel connects your investment and location plans with available credits and incentives to reduce costs and add dollars to your bottom line.

Our gap analysis and site selection approach empowers us to advocate on your behalf, helping negotiate the best available incentive packages from state and local governments across North America.

With strong relationships across the country, McGuire Sponsel works with elected officials and economic development professionals to maximize value for our clients.

When you are considering an expansion or relocation, we go to work on your behalf to ensure your success in the chosen location and maximize incentives. We identify location gaps, secure incentives potentially worth tens of thousands of dollars, and benchmark every offer to ensure that it is competitive and that no dollars are left on the table.

Our Process

Our proven, five-step process helps you select the best location for your project and drives maximum value from credits and incentives.


When Should you Pursue Credits & Incentives?

Credits and incentives are highly time sensitive. Because credits and incentives are designed to encourage specific activities, they generally must be secured before you publicly commit to a project. If you are considering any of these business decisions, let’s talk:

  • Adding Full-Time Jobs
  • Purchasing New Equipment
  • Buying, Leasing, or Building a Facility
  • Significant investment in Real Estate Improvements
  • Acquiring Another Business
  • Relocating Operations
  • Consolidating Operations



Case Studies

  • E-Commerce | Texas
  • Orthodontics Manufacturing | Indiana
E-Commerce | Texas

Case Study

When U.S. Auto Parts Network/ was ready to add a new facility to its business, McGuire Sponsel’s Credits & Incentive team joined the process as a strategic advisor. Along with this publicly traded company’s executives and real estate advisors, our consultants helped guide the decision making process for this important objective. With more than one million unique products available and large volume planned for this location, choosing the best building and the best community were critical to ensure the long-term success of this new distribution center.

Orthodontics Manufacturing | Indiana

Case Study

With a change in ownership, Rocky Mountain Orthodontics (RMO) looked at relocating their headquarters and major operations. When considering this move, RMO looked to McGuire Sponsel to procure state and local tax incentives. Their $6.6M investment in operations and addition of over 200 jobs made RMO an excellent prospect for valuable state and local incentives. Faced with a high initial cost of moving, RMO needed the tax incentives to offset costs and complete the move. McGuire Sponsel’s Credits & Incentives team was able to negotiate with the Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC) to procure a $3 million incentive package, which included an Economic Development for a Growing Economy (EDGE) Tax Credit and a Small Business Headquarters Tax Credit (SHQTC).


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