McGuire Sponsel’s experienced team partners with assisted living facility investor groups to accelerate their deductions and reduce their tax burden through Cost Segregation. This trending market is a great candidate due to the large amount of decorative millwork and specialty HVAC and plumbing systems. Our professionals strive to optimize the value of assets being moved from a 27.5-year depreciable life to shorter 15 and 5-year asset lives.

In addition, newly constructed or renovated facilities in excess of 30,000 square feet can qualify for additional benefit by conducting a 179D study. This focuses on energy efficient improvements made to the building envelope, HVAC, and lighting systems. McGuire Sponsel takes a “big picture” approach with every project to deliver maximum benefit.

Success Story

The experts at McGuire Sponsel reviewed a $16 million assisted living facility in Kansas. Our team physically inspected the property to identify personal property such as vinyl flooring, wall protection system, nurse call stations, and decorative millwork. Our study resulted in a $914,379 increase to the first year cash flow.

McGuire Sponsel, Assisted Living

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