by Ben WorrellFebruary 8, 2021

Compliance reporting helps firms realize benefits from credits and incentives

A lot depends on what follows. U.S. companies do not claim 50 percent of all economic incentives offered due to noncompliance or lack of compliance reporting. Clients can leave many thousands of dollars on the table by not understanding how economic credits and incentives work and therefore not submitting the appropriate documentation to realize those benefits.

Compliance reporting and documentation are not nearly as exciting as the press release, jobs announcement or mayor’s visit. However, this critical piece of the economic incentives process is how companies ultimately receive the financial benefit they worked so hard to achieve in the first place.

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As a consultant for McGuire Sponsel’s Credits and Incentives practice, Ben Worrell fosters client relationships by guiding clients through the intricate compliance requirements associated with credits and incentives benefits.

Ben builds confidence in the McGuire Sponsel client relationship by working with clients throughout the duration of their project – not just in a one-off transaction.