by Ben WorrellNovember 20, 2020

Client Snapshot

  • GaddellNet

    Carmel, IN

  • Employment

    85 Jobs in IN

  • Project Type

    New Employment Growth

  • Project Objective

    Economic Incentives & Procurement


GadellNet Consulting Services, LLC Overview

GadellNet Consulting Services LLC (GadellNet) is a full service technology and consulting firm, dedicated to improving the efficiency and security of businesses in the digital world. Services include managed IT services, application and hardware lifecycle management, business intelligence, and cybersecurity. GadellNet also provides risk assessments, long-term cost control analysis, strategic mapping for business/industry growth, and other business consulting services.

GadellNet has continued to quickly grow in the state of Missouri and Indiana. On pace to outperform their initially projected growth, GadellNet looked to McGuire Sponsel to assist in their expansion. The company considered additional hiring in their St. Louis headquarters as well as their office in Carmel, Indiana. Through the guidance of McGuire Sponsel GadellNet was able to hire 85 new engineering jobs in Carmel, Indiana. GadellNet hired McGuire Sponsel to negotiate and procure economic incentives on their behalf in support of the company’s considered expansion. McGuire Sponsel assisted with a financial analysis for multiple sites including Indiana and Missouri. McGuire Sponsel negotiated and worked with the IEDC to procure tax credits and incentives to assist with the establishment of an expanded operation in Gadellnet’s Carmel office.

  • 1,400,000

    EDGE Tax Credits

State and Local Incentives

EDGE Tax Credits $1,400,000
Total Incentives $