by Ben Worrell, MBAMay 22, 2023

Is a Flurry of Fads Shaping Economic Development Policy?

In Area Development, Ben Worrell discusses how business leaders and the communities in which they locate must understand that chasing the latest flurry of fads may not help them achieve long-term success.

With a challenging economy and a flurry of activity across levels of government, business growth in 2023 remains uncertain. As business leaders and economic developers strategize for success, fads or trends in economic development are rising and falling across industries and communities across the country. Leaders may be wondering if chasing after the next big trend is all that it is cracked up to be as they strive to build communities of the future. Throughout the first quarter of this year, we have seen returns of fads in economic development from the past, regional influences in trends, and trends influenced by economic shifts in regional and federal governments.

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