January 29, 2024

Client Snapshot

  • Third-Party Logistics Company

    Louisville, KY

  • Jobs & Investment

    76 New Jobs
    $14.7M Investment

  • Project Type


  • Project Objective

    Incentive Procurement


Third-Party Logisitics Company

Client Profile

This third-party logistics company is family-based and headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky. They provide logistics services to leading corporations and strive to deliver peace of mind through integrated solutions and material management services.


They asked us to secure incentives for their planned $14.7 million expansion, with a goal of hiring 76 new employees. Our Location Advisory team started the application process for two locations to best leverage and maximize the incentive offers, then advised on which location had more tax incentives available. We procured the benefit in an expedited time so that our client did not lose out on maximum benefit. The company was ultimately awarded an incentive through the Kentucky Business Investment (KBI) Program. The process of negotiating and procuring the credit took about two months, resulting in a KBI Tax Credit totaling $800,000.

  • $800,000

    KBI Tax Credit