February 6, 2020

Client Snapshot

  • Shoreline Transportation

    Greenville, AL

  • Expansion

    New Operations Facility

  • Employment

    70 Jobs in Indiana

  • Project Objective

    Economic Incentives & Procurement


Shoreline Transportation

Shoreline Transportation is a leader in the southeastern United States, providing uninterrupted transportation services around the region.  With state-of-the-art technology in all of its transportation vehicles, Shoreline can track and provide precise information on shipments no matter where they might start, finish, or anywhere in-between.


C&I Case Study

Shoreline Transportation is headquartered out of Greenville, Alabama.  As the logistics and transportation industry demands have increased, Shoreline needed to establish another terminal within its service region.  Locations in Little Rock, Arkansas; Chattanooga, Tennessee; and Montgomery, Alabama were all under consideration.  The new terminal would include repair services, dispatch services and over 70 new employees to meet the growing demand.

Shoreline Transportation hired McGuire Sponsel to negotiate and procure economic incentives on their behalf in support of the company’s considered expansion.  McGuire Sponsel negotiated and worked with the State of Alabama to procure tax credits and incentives to assist with the establishment of a new operations center in Montgomery, Alabama.  The company, with the guidance and collaboration of McGuire Sponsel’s Credits and Incentives team, requested and received a sales and use tax exemption as well as a personal property tax abatement for new construction and equipment in Montgomery County.  These incentives will support the recruitment of over 70 new employees planned by Shoreline over the next 3-5 years.

  • $544,500

    Sales and Use Tax Exemption Savings

  • $220,246

    Property Tax Abatement Savings

State and Local Incentives

Sales and Use Tax Exemption Savings $544,500
Property Tax Abatement Savings $220,246
Total Incentives $