May 24, 2022

Client Snapshot

  • Harding Shymanski

    Louisville, KY

  • Job Growth

    20 new jobs

  • Project Type

    Expansion & Downtown Retention Project

  • Project Objective

    Incentive Procurement & Tax Credit Realization


Project Details

Harding Shymanksi is one of Louisville’s largest CPA firms with offices in Evansville, Indiana and Louisville, Kentucky. As a steadily growing firm, space had started to become limited at their existing location. Harding Skymanski was committed to staying in Louisville Central Business District and reached out to McGuire Sponsel to determine if economic incentives were available to support their growth.

McGuire Sponsel evaluated multiple incentive projects and worked with the Commonwealth of Kentucky and the City of Louisville to secure an incentive deal to support the retention of Harding Shymanski in Louisville’s Central Business District while continuing to drive employment growth.

  • $300,000

    Kentucky Business Incentive Tax Credits