April 5, 2021

Client Snapshot

  • G&H Orthodontics

    Franklin, IN

  • Employment

    154 Jobs in IN

  • Project Type

    New Employment Growth & Investment

  • Project Objective

    Economic Incentives & Procurement


G&H Orthodontics

G&H Orthodontics is a global company that services 93 countries. Based in Franklin, Indiana, the company manufactures orthodontic equipment. Their products include brackets, bands, wires, clear aligners, etc. G&H Orthodontics has been in business for over 40 years, priding themselves on creating high-quality products and providing excellent services.

G&H expanded their operations and found a new location for its headquarters. Considering locations throughout central Indiana, the company found a home in Franklin, Indiana after consulting with McGuire Sponsel for site selection and incentive procurement. McGuire Sponsel negotiated and worked with both the Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC), and the Franklin Economic Development Commission to procure tax incentives. The company was granted an Economic Development for a Growing Economy (EDGE) tax credit and a Skills Enhancement Fund (SEF) grant from the IEDC. With the help of McGuire Sponsel, G&H was also granted local incentives. Though the new location had current property tax abatements attached to it, McGuire Sponsel was still able to secure further abatements and a local TIF grant on behalf of G&H Orthodontics. The company’s growth project will add 154 new jobs to the state of Indiana, all of which include headquarter and production positions.

  • $1,800,000

    EDGE Tax Credit

State and Local Incentives

Edge Tax Credit $1,800,000
SEF Grant $200,000
Franklin TIF Grant $100,000
Franklin Property Tax Abatements $465,093
Total Incentives $