May 17, 2024

Client Snapshot

  • Construction Management and General Contracting Company


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    New Jobs

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    Incentive Procurement


Construction Management and General Contracting Company

Client Profile

Based in Indianapolis, this construction management and general contracting company focuses on bridging the construction gap and utilizing a design-build team to effectively and professionally open the communication lines between the owner, architect, engineer, and contractor. With plans to construct and equip a 30,000-square-foot spec building in central Indiana, the company approached McGuire Sponsel to negotiate incentives for their local property abatement.


Our Location Advisory team, recognizing the unique challenges of securing a local abatement for a spec building, strategically utilized data from Lightcast to emphasize the community’s benefits, such as the significant economic impact this project would have on the area during the negotiation phase with the city. The estimated range of job creations served as compelling support for our stance. The data proved convincing to the local community, ultimately facilitating the final approval for the abatement.

Establishing alignment with community values was pivotal for the success of this endeavor. While estimating the number of jobs created for a spec building project presented challenges, our team successfully presented a range of potential job opportunities, highlighting other community benefits the project would bring. This comprehensive approach persuaded locals to grant the property abatement. Despite facing delays, such as the city council meeting being pushed back for several months, which resulted in a longer-than-usual timeframe for the local abatement project, we persisted and ultimately secured a 10-year local tax abatement for our client, equivalent to $411,766. The process of negotiating and procuring the incentives took about three to four months. 

  • $411,766

    Local Tax Abatement