June 17, 2019

Client Profile
Brown & Joseph, LLC is a leader in account receivables management solutions and debt recovery systems for businesses. Brown & Joseph allows businesses to increase their capital by minimizing write-offs, improving work flows, and reducing expenses through information intelligence technology. Brown & Joseph utilizes advanced cybersecurity measures to maintain the integrity of all transactions. Brown & Joseph approaches debt collection in a unique way – working with “consumers” rather than “debtors” and assigning a dedicated customer care representative to a client who will act as a helpful resource throughout the collections process.

The Challenge
Brown & Joseph was founded in 1996 and is currently based out of Itasca, IL. As business services continued to grow with their ever expanding list of clients, Brown & Joseph recognized the need to increase its call center support services. Brown & Joseph targeted Indiana as an area for growth in order to diversify its labor pool base from its Illinois roots.

Study Results
Brown & Joseph hired McGuire Sponsel to negotiate and procure economic incentives on their behalf in support of the company’s considered expansion. McGuire Sponsel negotiated and worked with the Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC) and Develop Indy to procure tax credits to assist with the establishment of a new operation on Indianapolis’ north side. The company, with the guidance and collaboration of McGuire Sponsel’s Credits and Incentives team, requested and received EDGE tax credits from the State of Indiana which will assist with the establishment of a new, Indiana office operation hosting a projected 75+ employees.

State and Local Incentives

  • $425,000 Economic Development for a Growing Economy (EDGE) Tax Credit


$425,000 Total Incentives