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Omen USA, an aluminum castings manufacturer for the automotive industry, announced plans today to expand its operations in Richmond, Indiana. The expansion will include more than $15 million in investment to improve its existing facility by adding an additional 21,000 square feet and new productions lines.

“Indiana’s business climate and the skilled local workforce have allowed Omen to ramp up our operations and our headcount quickly since finalizing plans to establish operation in Richmond in 2016,” said Doug Baldwin, EVP for Omen USA. “Expanding and increasing our production in Indiana will allow us to increase production for customers while continuing to add more quality jobs to the community.”

During the different phases of the planning process, Omen USA worked with McGuire Sponsel to help submit all of the documentation for the project, as well as negotiate incentives to support expansion on the original establishment. Working closely with their team and the Wayne County EDC EDIT Grant fund, Omen USA received a grant for up to $237,000.

Additionally, the Indiana Economic Development Corporation supported the project with performance based EDGE tax credits which could provide as much as $1,600,000 over the next nine years as Omen continues to invest and expands its workforce.

“We are fully confident that Omen USA will have a bright future in Indiana,” said McGuire Sponsel Principal Steve Brunson. “We enjoyed working with their team to secure valuable grants and incentives.”

Omen USA, which currently employs 100 associates in Indiana, plans to create up to 200 new jobs by 2022.

Stephen Brunson

Stephen Brunson

As a Principal at McGuire Sponsel, Steve Brunson helps growing businesses across the country through location decisions while negotiating valuable economic incentives. He works closely with advisors to coordinate strategies that bring the greatest benefit to each client he serves. View Steve's bio.

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