February 7, 2020

Year in Review

Growing companies create jobs, train workforces, and advance communities. Last year, McGuire Sponsel’s credits & incentive teams helped companies across the U.S. secure:

  • $51 Million


  • 2,900


  • $460 Million

    Capital Investments


A few examples:

VS Engineering

With plans to grow its highly skilled staff by more than 60 employees, this Indiana-based professional engineering consulting firm received $800,000 in IEDC (Indiana Economic Development Corporation) EDGE (Economic Development for a Growing Economy) credits to support its growth goals in Indianapolis and around the state.

Pretzels Inc.

A leading snack manufacturer, Pretzels Inc. needed to double its facility size and production capabilities, investing $70 million in buildings and equipment and adding 183 employees in its Plymouth, Ind. location. McGuire Sponsel helped Pretzels, Inc. with site selection, a creative tax-increment financing (TIF) option for $14 million, and the negotiation of more than $1 million in IEDC EDGE credits, plus Economic Development Rider discounts from a local utility.

Alliance Recreational Vehicles

With plans to attract 275 employees and invest approximately $13 million, this start-up RV assembly operation in Elkhart, Ind. received more than $3.7 million in IEDC EDGE credits.

Proveli, LLC

An Atlanta-based manufacturer and wholesaler of street signs across the country, Proveli was exploring the acquisition of an Indiana-based company. With their plans to add 90 employees and invest $5 million into the state, Proveli received a $700,000 in IEDC EDGE credits.

Shoreline Transportation

Based out of St. Louis, Mo., this company invested $10 million in a new trucking terminal in Montgomery, Ala. Along with equipment and 70 new jobs. McGuire Sponsel helped them receive local property and sales & use tax abatements totaling more than a $760,000.


If your company or clients are planning to relocate, expand, make capital investments or add new jobs in 2020, contact McGuire Sponsel to explore potential credits & incentives that help support your goals.