by Justin GephartSeptember 25, 2019

Series Overview

Our team at McGuire Sponsel is proud to present our fall webinar series. This series consists of topics across most of our practice lines along with expertise on partnering with specialty tax firms like McGuire Sponsel.


Completed Webinars

October 18th – New and Final Proposed Regulations on Bonus Depreciation

  • Host: Dave McGuire
  • On Friday, September 13th the IRS issued Final Regulations and New Proposed regulations on 168(k), Bonus Depreciation. These regulations followed closely the regulations from 2018 with some very important changes. CPAs and Taxpayers need to be aware of the changes dealing with Floor Plan Interest, Binding Contracts and other provisions. Participants to this webinar will be provided an understanding of:
    • The changes under the new proposed and final regulations
    • The changes to bonus eligibility for certain taxpayers taking floorplan interest
    • How the binding contract rules were loosened for certain self-constructed assets
  • Watch here


October 25th – Hot Topics Regarding the R&D Tax Credit

  • Host: TJ Sponsel and David Seibel
  • The R&D Tax Credit is one of the most subjective areas of the tax code. With the IRS placing more scrutiny on the R&D Credit, it is important to be aware of areas of exposure when building an R&D Credit claim. In this CPE session, we will discuss:
    • Recent points of exposure in an R&D audit
    • The definition of “funded research”
    • Eligible supply costs
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November 1st – Cost Segregation Post TCJA, Year End Planning Topics

  • Host: Justin Gephart
  • The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act changed and increased bonus depreciation and 179. These regulations greatly affect the value proposition of Cost Segregation. The course will include a discussion of the new rules regarding what qualifies, the transitional guidance covering binding contracts, and the status of Qualified Improvement Property. We will also discuss how to recognize Cost Segregation opportunities and how to discuss them in the marketplace. In this CPE session we will discuss:
    • The concept of Cost Segregation and how to recognize opportunities
    • How changes in Accounting methods can be used to “look back” on assets
    • How recent changes to tax law affect the benefit of Cost Segregation
    • The status of Qualified Improvement Property under the new rules
  • Watch Here

November 15th –  Using Specialty Tax Services to Grow Your Firm

  • Host: TJ Sponsel and Justin Gephart
  • Whether you are an up-and-coming manager or you are a seasoned partner, growing your firm is all about serving your current clients and demonstrating the value you can bring to prospective clients. Learn how McGuire Sponsel is a powerful partner in growing your firm as TJ and Justin discuss the following:
    • Establishing a consultative mindset to Tax & Audit
    • Identifying and presenting opportunities
    • Current market/industry trends
  • Time: 2 pm ET/1 pm CT/12 pm MT/11am PT
  • Watch Here

November 22nd – Common points of Exposure When Implementing Specialty Tax Services

  • Host: Dave McGuire and Kyle Riddle
  • Specialty tax services such as Research Tax Credits, Cost Segregation Studies, and IC-DISC can be extremely beneficial to taxpayers. These tax planning opportunities can yield significant results. At the same time it is important to limit confusion when implementing these studies. These areas of confusion can relate to the addback of the R&D tax credit, the filing of a 3115 for cost segregation studies, or the effect of 1245 recapture on a cost segregation study. It is critical that these areas are understood to ensure positive results at the end of a study. In this CPE session we will discuss:
    • The addback of the R&D tax credit, and when the 280C election can be made
    • How filling of a 3115 works, and when errors can occur
    • The effect of 1245 recapture on Cost Segregation benefits
  • Time: 11 am ET/10 am CT/9 am MT/8 am PT
  • Watch Here