by Dave McGuireNovember 22, 2019

Host: Dave McGuire and Kyle Riddle
Specialty tax services such as Research Tax Credits, Cost Segregation Studies, and IC-DISC can be extremely beneficial to taxpayers. These tax planning opportunities can yield significant results. At the same time it is important to limit confusion when implementing these studies. These areas of confusion can relate to the addback of the R&D tax credit, the filing of a 3115 for cost segregation studies, or the effect of 1245 recapture on a cost segregation study. It is critical that these areas are understood to ensure positive results at the end of a study. In this CPE session we will discuss:

  • The addback of the R&D tax credit, and when the 280C election can be made
  • How filling of a 3115 works, and when errors can occur
  • The effect of 1245 recapture on Cost Segregation benefits

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