David Seibel gives an update on the Section 174 Amortization.

12/12/22: IRS Issues Guidance for Obtaining Section 174 Change of Accounting Method Consent; 10/24/22: Section 174 Amortization Requirement Leaves Taxpayers Guessing

In this webinar, David Seibel and Tanner Niehaus discuss what constitutes qualified research activities and expenses under Section 41 and Section 174 and strategies to implement in tax year 2022 and forward to minimize the impact of Section 174 amortization.

This blog discusses frequently asked questions about the R&D Tax Credit and clients in the manufacturing industry.

On September 30, 2022, the IRS extended the transition period where taxpayers would have 45 days to perfect an R&D claim by one year, meaning that the IRS will continue to give taxpayers 45 days to perfect a deficient claim through January 10, 2024.

Jamie Skerston shares her journey at McGuire Sponsel and how she’s seen the R&D practice and team evolve over the past several years.

Kyle Riddle joins the podcast to share the latest on our R&D practice and discuss the state of the R&D industry. 

This blog discusses reverse engineering vs. evolutionary and revolutionary development and what activities do or do not qualify for the R&D Tax Credit.

McGuire Sponsel worked with a software developer to do a current year R&D Tax Credit study.


McGuire Sponsel worked with a specialty design/build entity to do both a current year and retroactive R&D Tax Credit study.


Senior manager with our R&D practice, David Seibel, gives an update on Section 174 as well as providing a brief historical context of the amortization. Listen now to find out what CPAs can do in the meantime and how potential updates could have impact moving forward.

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McGuire on the Wire Episode 66

by David Seibel
December 22, 2022

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