Sean King joined Industrial Exchange’s Eye on Industry podcast to discuss private equity and international tax topics.

In Global Banking and Finance Review, Sean King provides insight into important tax considerations for companies expanding across borders.

We created a downloadable transfer pricing quick reference guide to help clients determine when it is time to complete a transfer pricing study.

On this week’s episode Dave and Sean discuss the incentives of companies to onshore their supply chains back to the US with the White House proposing a Fixed Reduction in the Tax Rate.

A drive to entice multinationals to move overseas manufacturing operations to the U.S. has gained traction with both parties on Capitol Hill as they frame competing plans for new tax incentives to include in possible virus relief legislation.

Congress enacted the CARES Act to provide immediate assistance to individuals, families and organizations affected by the COVID-19 emergency. Among the provisions contained in the CARES Act are provisions authorizing SBA to temporarily guarantee loans under the Paycheck Protection Program (“PPP”).

The increasing impact of COVID-19 on the global economy has created an international business environment unlike any we have ever seen. This volatility puts significant pressure on the international tax and treasury management posture of a multinational enterprise.

Please join McGuire Sponsel’s Sean King and Duff & Phelps’ Patrick McColgan for a unique and practical discussion on issues that tax and treasury teams can take this quarter ranging from currency fluctuations and repatriation planning to transfer pricing, group loss allocation, intercompany lending and the impact of mobility restrictions on the global workforce.

Hosts: Sean King & Patrick McColgan of Duff & Phelps

Date: Wednesday, April 22nd

Transfer pricing compliance applies to all U.S. companies having either a foreign subsidiary or a foreign parent company. IRS transfer pricing rules require that intercompany pricing between a U.S. company and a foreign affiliate must be based on an “arm’s length” price that would be charged in a similar transaction with an unrelated third party.

Is the taxpayer moving cash across borders to manage capital expenditure needs in the face of a struggling economy? The current global economic condition is putting pressure on companies to manage cash flow but trying to repatriate or redeploy cash between jurisdictions raises tax issues. Please join Sean King to discuss implications ranging from withholding taxes to transfer pricing to corporate governance while also exploring effective strategies for managing each of these issues.

Host: Sean King, Director and Founder of Align Global Consulting
Date: Tuesday, April 14th

The increasing concern and impact of COVID-19 on American companies – now coupled with travel restrictions, unsteady global trade discussions and swelling conditions surrounding oil – has created an international business environment unlike any we have ever seen.

Podcast: Navigating International & Domestic Tax Issues

Sean King joined Industrial Exchange’s Eye on Industry podcast to discuss how private equity investors and operators can assess the potential impact of tax policy changes, especially during an uncertain time in the economy.

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