by TJ Sponsel & Richie AbedinJune 13, 2024

Technology Trap Doors and the R&D Credit

This week on Let’s Talk Tax, host TJ Sponsel is joined by guest Richie Abedin, a Senior Tax Consultant specializing in R&D tax credits for technology-minded clients. They discuss the intricacies of the R&D tax credit, especially as it relates to artificial intelligence (AI) and other emerging technologies.

Key topics include the differences between automation and AI, the nuances of qualifying research activities, and the myths surrounding R&D and software development. The episode also delves into industry-specific scenarios like managed IT providers, SaaS providers, and companies investing in dual-purpose technology. Richie provides expert insights on what qualifies for the R&D tax credit, the challenges clients face, and the importance of proper documentation.


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