by Jerry HammelAugust 22, 2022

How to become a trusted financial advisor

The ultimate goal of many young professionals is to be seen as a trusted advisor, especially one sought out by entrepreneurs looking for assistance with the strategic direction of their business. In his latest piece in Business Journals, Jerry Hammel discusses how to develop the skills to go from “do-er” to advisor.

Building technical skills helps an employee earn respect and advance within the firm, but it is just one step in the process to becoming an advisor. Technical and compliance skills are a given when it comes to client expectations. Clients trust the firms they engage for a reason: they are technical experts who can be trusted to accurately complete the work necessary for the client’s business. But young professionals can truly start to excel in their career when they expand their skill set beyond the technical and begin to hone their soft skills to offer more value to their clients.

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Jerry Hammel is a business and specialty tax executive with more than 30 years of experience providing strategic tax planning and financial advice to businesses across the country.

Jerry works with McGuire Sponsel’s alliance network across the firm’s four practice lines and top firms, specializing in international tax and strategic tax planning.