by Tim LeMastersNovember 12, 2019

McGuire Sponsel

Partnering with CPA firms, McGuire Sponsel offers R&D Tax Credits, Cost Segregation, IC-DISC, and Credits & Incentives. McGuire Sponsel strengthens client relationships by offering a conservative, methodical approach to delivering tax services that fall outside the traditional practices of regional CPA firms. McGuire Sponsel is committed to providing high-quality service with integrity in a way that helps partner firms bring value to their clients. Our approach has allowed us to become a trusted resource to CPAs across the country, with a strong track record with the IRS.

Cost Segregation Case Study

Car Dealership

In late July McGuire Sponsel was referred to a car dealership by a CPA. McGuire Sponsel then conducted a cost segregation on the auto dealership purchased in 2018. The dealership is located in Reese, MI. The depreciable basis of the property totaled $1,974,000. McGuire Sponsel professionals were able to reclassify 40 percent of the total depreciable property into 5 or 15-year property. The accelerated depreciation deductions resulted in an increased cash flow of $230,396 over the first year and a net present value of $174,067 over the life of the investment.

R&D Case Study

Metal Materials Fabrication Company

A start-up metal materials fabrication company in Michigan engaged McGuire Sponsel to conduct a four-year R&D Credit study for its innovative process development efforts.  After on-site fieldwork and extensive analysis of financial data and project documentation, McGuire Sponsel was able to identify qualified research expenses that almost doubled over the four year span. The company was able to claim a significant amount of scrapped material costs used in the new process/technology development cycle. This resulted in federal tax credits totaling nearly $250k for the four-year period.

Tim LeMasters, Consultant

Tim’s three year tenure with the firm has generated tax savings in excess of $15 million for clients.

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