Webinar series aimed at maximizing cash flow, presented by McGuire Sponsel

McGuire Sponsel has spoken with clients and heard the challenges ahead for businesses as a result of COVID-19. While we understand the health implications of the pandemic, we know the potential for devastating financial impacts on business owners. While our firm remains strong, the team understands the “gut punch” feeling many owners have experienced in the past few weeks.

Planning for many has shifted from growth to ensuring support for employees. The tax filing and payment deadline extension to July 15, 2020, gives taxpayers more time to explore strategies that reduce their tax liability to maintain liquidity. With this change, McGuire Sponsel is moving our summer continuing education webinar series to April. Our goal is to provide technical guidance as you walk clients through this unprecedented time. Included below is a description of each upcoming webinar aimed at maximizing cash flow in the current environment.

Other firms may offer similar services, but they cannot match McGuire Sponsel’s steadfast commitment to our clients and partner CPA firms.


TJ Sponsel II, Managing Shareholder