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McGuire Sponsel is an Independent Registered Municipal Financial Advisor. Our mission is to assist nonprofits with debt and derivative advisory services.

We advise on all aspects of the debt structure including tax-exempt and taxable bonds, bank debt and bank placements, interest rate swaps, bond ratings and capital planning. Every year, executive directors, chief financial officers and boards of nonprofits must make major decisions balancing risk, cost and return. These leaders are constantly faced with decisions about how to fund their existing debt and ongoing capital requirements, both which can have a profound impact on financial stability and the ability to fulfil their nonprofits’ missions.

Most nonprofits are not familiar enough or cannot keep up with the ever changing landscape of financing options and pricing models that are available to them in today’s marketplace. Even to ascertain which lenders and investment banks are best suited to partner with their nonprofit’s mission and vision can be difficult. Having an independent and objective partner can help the cloudy look clear. McGuire Sponsel utilizes our relationships with lending institutions and investment banks across the country, not representing any specific lender, so we can provide informed advice, drawing on a broad kaleidoscope of resources.

McGuire Sponsel can assist with evaluating the various means and methods of financing, developing a finance plan, preparing and evaluating RFP’s, the selection of lenders and investment banks, and negotiating structure and terms.


  • Tax-Exempt Bonds
  • Taxable Bonds
  • Bank Direct Placements
  • Interest Rate Swaps
  • Bank Letters of Credit
  • USDA
  • HUD/Federal Housing Administration
  • Fixed and Variable Rate Structures
  • Rated and Unrated Issues

As an Independent Registered Municipal Advisor (IRMA), retaining McGuire Sponsel qualifies under the IRMA exception to the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC’s) new Municipal Advisor rule and allows municipal borrowers to maintain full communications with broker-dealers. McGuire Sponsel, LLC is registered with the SEC and the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (MSRB).

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