Growth and Expansion Advisory

Many state and local credits and incentives must be negotiated before locations are chosen, investments are made and employees are hired. In order to ensure that our clients don’t miss opportunities for these valuable incentives, we provide ongoing growth and expansion planning. Our planning services connect the growth plans of our clients with local and state incentives to reduce costs and add significant dollars to the bottom line.

Our Growth and Expansion Advisory Sessions Include:

  1. Review of client investment and expansion plans
  2. Legislative and business environment updates
  3. Credit and incentives review and discussion
  4. Opportunity identification & procurement planning

Ongoing planning with experienced professionals is the only way to maximize state and local credits and incentives. We provide quarterly, biannual or annual growth and expansion planning sessions free of charge for our key clients – leaving each client with an in-depth understanding of incentive opportunities, a deeper understanding of their local business environment and the assurance that they will find and capitalize on incentive opportunities as they continue to grow.

Call McGuire Sponsel today to schedule your credits and incentives planning session.

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