NextLevel Jobs program and the Manufacturing Readiness Grant are two incentive programs that are offered in Indiana to benefit local businesses and enhance their operations within the state. McGuire Sponsel’s Credits & Incentives team are experts on these programs and can help you navigate the process from application through implementation, maximizing the possible incentives for your business.

In Accounting Today, “The first pillar of credit and incentive projects: Location,” Ben Worrell explores the many layers of considerations for where to locate your business to maximize the value of potential incentives.

There are a number of state grant programs available to Indiana employers in 2021, including the NextLevel Jobs Program and the Manufacturing Readiness Grant. McGuire Sponsel focuses on state and local funding programs such as these that provide significant value to employers looking to grow in Indiana and across the country. Contact our Credits & Incentives team to find out how you can maximize the incentives offered for these programs.

El Toro is a fast-growing Louisville based online marketing firm that was transitioning into a new space and rapidly bringing on new hires. With the help of McGuire Sponsel, they were able to realize the value of an existing incentive package.

General Atomics invested in new buildings, equipment, and machinery, and added over 200 jobs for its Mississippi location. McGuire Sponsel helped negotiate a FILOT that will save the company tax payments on qualifying investments over the next several years.

Ben Worrell of our Credits & Incentives practice pulls back the curtain on the science behind tax credits and incentives in his latest Accounting Today article.

G&H expanded their operations and found a new location for its headquarters. Considering locations throughout central Indiana, the company found a home in Franklin, Indiana after consulting with McGuire Sponsel for site selection and incentive procurement.

GadellNet made the decision to expand to Denver, Colorado in 2021, adding to their current office locations in St. Louis and Indianapolis, Indiana. McGuire Sponsel assisted with procuring incentives for GadellNet’s Indianapolis expansion project and again asked for assistance as they considered the Denver office location.

Alliance RV plans to invest $33 million into its 110 acre campus in Elkhart. Alliance RV looked to McGuire Sponsel for assistance as they considered the Elkhart location expansion.

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