An engineering firm that specialized in the design of elementary schools recently contacted McGuire Sponsel to confirm eligibility for the Energy Efficient Commercial Building Deduction on a recently built 99,000 square foot school.

With recent changes to depreciation tax law and to assist our alliance network, we created a downloadable depreciation quick reference guide.

How should CPAs deal with the lack of a technical correction to the QIP drafting error in the TCJA?

On this week’s episode Dave explains the 179D deduction and why after being in limbo for the past 2 years building owners are looking at the deduction for tax planning purposes.

On Thursday December 19th the Senate passed a long awaited bill on Tax Extenders.

TJ and Dave discuss 12 year anniversary In this episode TJ and Dave discuss McGuire Sponsel’s 12 year anniversary and look back on how much the firm has grown over the years.

McGuire Sponsel was recently referred to a boat manufacturer by a CPA firm in Tennessee.

McGuire Sponsel was referred, by a local CPA, to complete a cost segregation study for an automotive performance shop.

McGuire Sponsel completed a study for a Construction Office just North of Dallas, Texas.

McGuire Sponsel Cost Segregation

Beverage Distribution Center

Client Profile & Study Results
McGuire Sponsel was recently engaged to perform a Cost Segregation study on a newly built $16 million distribution facility in North Carolina.

Our team kicked off the study by conducting a tour of the 168,000 square foot facility. Based on the detailed site visit and subsequent calculations using blueprints and invoices, McGuire Sponsel was able to successfully reclassify over 30 percent of the construction costs into 5 and 15 year property. This generated an increase to the first year cash flow in excess of $1.3 million with a net present value of cash flows over the life of the investment exceeding $840,000.

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