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At McGuire Sponsel, our proven cost segregation practice is trusted as the industry standard by clients across several industries. With years of proven experience, partners continue to choose McGuire Sponsel for our firm’s robust and tenured cost segregation technical expertise, and our unique approach to building sincere relationships with clients and their CPAs.

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Our Approach to Cost Segregation

McGuire Sponsel’s unique approach to cost segregation begins with consulting your trusted CPA advisor, ensuring we have a deep understanding of your business needs, and that expectations are aligned at project start. Once a project kicks off, McGuire Sponsel employs civil, structural and architectural engineering knowledge coupled with tax law to identify components that qualify for accelerated depreciation. Understanding the value and impact of the benefit, McGuire Sponsel takes pride in delivery of the results to the client and CPA. Upholding the firm’s commitment and technical expertise remain at the core throughout projects and it is often this reason that clients continue their partnership with McGuire Sponsel as a trusted specialty tax consultant.

Words From Our Clients


“We partnered with McGuire Sponsel because of the importance that they place on relationships, specifically the partnership between us and our trusted CPA firm. We know that their team places the interests of our business first and foremost. We called McGuire Sponsel regarding some interior improvements that we had made to our facility. We assumed that a Cost Segregation study would need to be performed. However, the team at McGuire Sponsel reviewed the construction budget and determined that all but one improvement was eligible for QIP and therefore, did not need a study. It would have been easy for the McGuire Sponsel team to 'sell' a study in this situation. Needless to say, McGuire Sponsel delivered on their credibility and dedication to superior client service."

CEO, Midwestern Manufacturing Firm

“We have leaned heavily on the technical expertise that McGuire Sponsel brings to the table. We are always confident in their expertise on legislative updates and they help us navigate complex tax matters. Their ability to bring such an in-depth knowledge of the tax code to complement their strong engineering approach sets their Cost Segregation team apart. As a result, we benefited greatly through strategic tax planning.”

Southeastern Car Dealership Owner

"We recently transitioned to McGuire Sponsel by recommendation of our CPA firm. The experience has lived up to every expectation. We have a leading technical partner that will pick up their cell phones at the drop of a dime to answer a question. They talk about the respect they have for our relationship with our CPA firm, and everything they do backs that up. Our CPA firm is kept in all communications so that they can advise us, which seems like a small feat but I can tell you that it is not the industry norm. We consider McGuire Sponsel a key piece to our continued growth."

Commercial Real Estate Developer
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