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SitRep Digital, LLC (SitRep) is a cloud based digital marketing start-up. SitRep utilizes numerous marketing software programs, including Salesforce’s Data Management Platform (DMP), to help SitRep clients maximize their selling potential through targeted engagement. SitRep use automation, artificial intelligence, cloud integration, and precise analysis to increase their client’s customer pipeline.

Started in 2015, SitRep Digital focused on filtering through the myriad of different marketing software platforms to select the ones that would be most effective for achieving their clients’ end goals. SitRep uses a combination of different tools to custom fit solutions to their clients, including strategy and goal setting, training, DMP, App development/Heroku, and the marketing, commerce and service cloud. Additionally, SitRep was founded by U.S. military veterans and has a passion for supporting other veteran owned businesses. With this background, mission and a carefully crafted product and service offering, the company is posed for solid growth in Indianapolis and around the country.

SitRep Digital hired McGuire Sponsel to negotiate and procure economic incentives on their behalf in support of the company’s considered growth. McGuire Sponsel worked with the Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC) to procure tax credits and incentives to assist with the start-up and job growth projections for SitRep. The company, with the guidance and collaboration of McGuire Sponsel’s Credits and Incentives team, requested and received EDGE tax credits from the State of Indiana and a grant from the Skills Enhancement Fund. These incentives will assist with the job growth and specialized training of computer related skillsets. SitRep anticipates hiring 25 new employees over the next 5 years.

State and Local Incentives

$337,500 EDGE Tax Credit
$50,000 SEF Grant Funds

$387,500 Total Incentives

Stephen Brunson

Stephen Brunson

As a Principal at McGuire Sponsel, Steve Brunson helps growing businesses across the country through location decisions while negotiating valuable economic incentives. He works closely with advisors to coordinate strategies that bring the greatest benefit to each client he serves. View Steve's bio.

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