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May 2016

Chelsea Carr Promoted to Manager of the R&D Tax Credit Practice

McGuire Sponsel is pleased to announce that Chelsea Carr has been promoted to a Manager of the R&D Tax Credit Practice. Chelsea joined McGuire Sponsel in December 2012 as a Tax Consultant, mainly conducting fieldwork and preparing R&D Tax Credit calculations and technical narratives. Today, she serves as a Manager of the R&D Tax Credit Practice with primary responsibilities including engagement oversight, project scheduling, employee training, and client consultation and communication. 

Chelsea has had an exceptional history working one-on-one with clients to deliver quality and timely studies. Her experience learning about each client’s business in order to optimize their R&D Tax Credits has provided tremendous value. She has a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Butler University.

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Conceived out of the need to provide tested and proven specialty advisory solutions, McGuire Sponsel partners with accounting firms to offer cost segregation studies, research and development studies, IC-DISC studies, and financing & economic incentive opportunities.


Four Reasons Why Your Clients Miss Out on Economic Incentives

Steve Brunson

Accounting Today publishes McGuire Sponsel's economic incentives article discussing why your clients may potentially be missing out on this valuable opportunity.

Payroll tax credits, workforce training grants, infrastructure grants, property tax abatements and tax increment financing are just a few of the tools that state and local economic development groups have at their disposal to entice businesses to expand and invest in their communities.

Add these all together, and you have a tremendous amount of value available to growing businesses—value that state and local governments want to deliver to support job creation and economic expansion in their areas.

You likely read expansion, jobs and incentive announcements on a weekly basis in your local business journal. Businesses are being courted and incentivized to expand all around you. Are your clients in the headlines? Are they being offered competitive and highly valuable incentives? If not, both your clients and your firm may be missing out on significant opportunity.

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Join McGuire Sponsel for a free set of webinars in June. Mark your calendars for Thursday June 2, June 9, June 16 and June 30, 2016. Dave McGuire will cover the new depreciation and capitalization rules including the TPR and PATH Act changes. Mark O'Dell and T.J. Sponsel will discuss the value an IC-DISC can have for exporters and the mechanics necessary for its annual maintenance and compliance. Doug Dalton will explore how to capitalize on grants and credits for growing businesses. David Seibel and T.J. Sponsel will review how to qualify for the R&D Tax Credit and address how to substantiate a company's tax credit under audit.

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