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JobsOhio Year-in-Review and Guidance

JobsOhio has $441 million in cash and investments on hand. With 2016 projects yielding the fewest job creation numbers since 2013, businesses looking to expand in 2017 should have Ohio’s economy and...

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How Hoosier Innovators are Impacted by the VCI Program

Currently, the Indiana Venture Capital (VC) space has a limited supply of capital to dispense. Meaning, Indiana startups can often struggle to take a great idea here and turn it into a viable...

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Is Chicago an “Emerging” City?

Given the size and age of Chicago, it is hard to believe the term “emerging” could be tied to the city. However, that is exactly what a recent study by Modis found. To be more specific, this...

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What’s Driving Alabama’s Manufacturing Growth?

Alabama’s auto production reached a record high in 2016. Alabama’s three largest automakers produced at least 1,048,597 vehicles, meaning the state is now the fifth largest auto producing state....

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Site Selection Magazine names Texas and Nebraska Winners in Annual Contest

Site Selection magazine holds the Governor’s Cup Awards, which annually recognizes states with the most qualifying projects or most qualifying new and expanded facilities per capita. Texas claims...

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Michigan may Shake up Job Creation Qualifications

Fiscal Year 2016 for the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) saw economic development agreements spur private investment of just over $4 billion while supporting the creation of up to...

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How Iowa Spurs Investment

Businesses looking to locate, modernize or expand in the Hawkeye state should understand the value local communities can offer in support of investment and job creation. Tax Increment Financing...

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Five Growth Related Questions You Should be Asking

Tax season can often be a busy and demanding time. CPAs are highly focused on compliance, meeting filing deadlines, and maintaining a high level of satisfaction for clients. However, those with a...

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Opportunity from Nebraska’s Advantage Program

Quietly, Nebraska has built one of the better economic incentive programs in the nation. The Nebraska Advantage (Advantage) Program had 59 new projects approved in 2015, bringing the total number of...

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